How to Ensure Records Get Created From System to System

There are many reasons that a record may not sync from one system to another. These reasons range from something as straightforward as the systems themselves having a temporary outage to an error in the sync. The most common issues we see at Bedrock are mismatched select field options and a record missing a value for a required field. One simple way of knowing if certain records haven't synced because of an unexpected error is to implement the following process: 

  1. Identify fields in your systems that will always have a value (i.e. Record ID) 
  2. Create a corresponding custom field in the other system(s) that align with this field and then map them in Bedrock 
  3. Create a view or list in your systems that says when this custom field is empty display the record 

This process assumes that if all records are syncing as expected, then there should be no records in the above list or view. If there are records, you can go in and trigger a sync by modifying the record and hope that whatever issue or error had prevented it from syncing before has since been resolved. If the record still does not sync, start a conversation with one of our support team members and we'll take a closer look at what could be holding up this record from syncing. 

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