Can I Trigger a "Full Sync" of All Records?

If you've had your sync on for some time and you recently made some changes to your systems or field mappings and want to have this change reflected for all eligible records, you can trigger a read-write reset or "full sync" by following the below steps. 

1. Before starting this process, make sure your sync is in a settled state and is not actively running. You can tell when it is in this state when you see nothing but green check marks on your dashboard and no spinning sync wheels: 

2. Once you've confirmed the sync is in a settled state, you are ready to turn off the sync. 

3. Once the sync is fully off, when you go to turn it back on the following pop-up will appear:

4. Select Sync Past and Future Changes and open the Advanced section and select the Reset Sync option then hit Start. 

Your full sync is now kicked off. As with the first time you turned on your Bedrock sync, this process can take some time to complete depending on how much data you have in your systems. 

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