Getting Started

Getting started with Bedrock Data is easy!  You'll need to connect some systems, map some fields and then start your sync.  Follow these steps to get started quickly.

1. Sign Up for an Account

You can sign up for a Bedrock Data account by contacting our sales team  here.  After signup, you will be directed to your Dashboard to continue the setup process. You can work with our sales team to give you a general guide to this process, or with our services partner TruJay. For more information on these options please speak with your sales representative. 

2. Choose and Connect Your Systems

Once you've signed up you'll need to connect your systems.  You can view the available connectors by selecting the "Connectors" menu item from the left-hand navigation.  Clicking the green "Install" button under the connector will open the Connector Settings screen for that connector.  

Learn more about individual connectors in the Connectors section of our help site.

3. Map Fields

Once you've selected and installed your connectors you will need to tell Bedrock Data what fields you would like to synchronize across the platform.  This is done by creating field mappings between systems.  

You can learn more about mappings and field in the Mappings section of our help site.

4. Setup Workflows

Workflows can be used to limit the records syncing across your system. You can set certain criteria such as if a specific field has a certain value then pass the contact over from System A. If you don’t have any Workflows setup, no data will pass over from system to system so it’s key that you go through this setup process in order to start passing data.

Learn more about Workflows and how to setup.

5. Start Your App

Clicking the "Sync Status" toggle in the upper right-hand corner of the Dashboard will start your integration.  If you haven't yet started your subscription, you will be prompted to provide the necessary billing information at this time.

Learn more about the syncing process and options available

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