I Just Turned on My Sync for the First Time, What Now?

If you have your systems installed, fields mapped and perhaps you added a custom Workflow or two and you have now turned on your integration for the first time, here's a rundown of what is taking place within the integration. 

Once you've installed your systems and have mapped your fields, when you return to the Dashboard you will see the following message: 

Clicking on Start Now will begin the following Initial Indexing process:

  • When you kick on the integration for the very first time, we are pulling down from all of your systems every available record from with objects that we can talk to within those systems
  • For example, if you have HubSpot installed then we'll pull data down for all of the Contacts, Companies, Opportunities and Owners into the Bedrock database
  • There are a number of operations that this data goes through to ensure the integrity of the data remains intact based on the type of data you have mapped in Bedrock 
  • One of the last steps in this indexing process is our Deduplication process where take a given record that lives in one system and we look up in the other to see if there is a pair. For contacts, we are going off of the primary email address.
  • Once we are done with the Deduplication process and we've matched all available records together, this initial indexing process is complete and the integration will run on a normal schedule (i.e. every 5 minutes, unless you customized this setting

Once this initial indexing is complete, any updates or new records that come down into the integration from your different systems will be allowed to sync up and over to the other system if they pass one of your Workflows

If you want Bedrock to push any and all records from one system to another, often referred to as a Full Sync, check out this help article

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