When to Use Contact Mappings

Contact Mappings allow you to integrate across systems that have related Contact type objects. In each system these objects may be called something different such as Lead, Person or simply Contact. But in general, these are all Contact type objects. 

This type of mapping is by far the most common mapping that customers will set up in Bedrock Data and is often the most important when it comes to keeping data consistent across your platforms.

To get started with Contact Mapping, simply go to the Mapping home screen and click on Auto-Generate Mappings. You should automatically see a Contact Mapping pop up. For more detailed next steps on how to set up your mapping once it has been auto-generated, click here.  

When Bedrock Data is looking up across systems to find matching records for Contact Mapping, we are going off of the email address.

Once you have Contacts mapped across systems we'll keep the fields up to date on a continuous basis. The  System of Record rules apply here so make sure you have this set up properly to determine what system should always win when values are present. 

You should use Contact Mappings for your systems you have integrated in Bedrock Data for just about any situation where a contact level field is involved. There may come times when you need data from other objects such as Companies or Opportunities to map over to a related Contact. If this is the case,  follow these steps to map data from related objects to your contacts. 

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