When to Use Company Mappings

Company Mappings allow you to integrate across systems that have related Company type objects. In each system these objects may be called something different such as Account or Organization. But in general, these are Company type objects. 

Not every system has such related objects and therefor not every system in Bedrock Data is going to have this available but to find out if it is available for your integrated systems, simply go to the Mapping home screen and click on Auto-Generate Mappings and if a Company Mapping pops up, then you will be able to map these objects directly. 

When Bedrock Data is looking for a matching Company across systems for this type of mapping, we are going off of the official Company level fields for the Company Name. We have specific rules in place to accommodate for slight differences in the names within each system in order to find matching companies for deduplication purposes. 

Once you have companies mapped across systems, just like with Contacts, we'll keep the fields up to date on a continuous basis. The same rules apply for  System of Record so make sure you have this setup properly to determine what system should always win out when values are present. 

You should use Company Mappings if this is available for your systems you have integrated in Bedrock Data for just about any situation where a company level field is involved. It just makes for a much cleaner integration process. That being said, there may be times when you need to keep applying the company level data to the other objects, such as a Contact object. If this is the case,  follow these steps to map Company level fields on the Contact

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