What Data to Sync Between Your Systems

Getting Started

While most integration set-ups are unique to the specific systems being used, there are some commonalities that all integrations share. The primary function of any integration is to ‘sync’ data between multiple systems, allowing users to access data from System A within System B, thus eliminating the need to log in and out of various platforms.

When beginning to think about the field mapping process, you should ask yourself: what information do we need to share between our business systems to create a more effective and efficient process? The fields you choose to map, reflect the pieces of data you will be sharing between your systems. Remember: nothing is set in stone here – you can always add or remove field mappings.

Best Practices

As a general rule, we recommend mapping all basic information for the record type. The most common type of record is contact, this mapping would include the basics such as name, email address, phone number, etc.. On top of the basic information, it is important to sync over any native analytic fields. Fields like sales stage, lifecycle stage, website activity, and lead scores are some examples. This information will help you leverage your external system's to their maximum capability.   

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