v1 Only - How to Setup a Bedrock Integration Application

It's quite easy to setup a Bedrock integration application, and typically takes only a few minutes, depending on the data that you're syncing between systems.  Here's what to do:

1.  Open a web browser (Chrome preferred) and head over to our web application at  https://app.bedrockdata.com.  If you're new to Bedrock and haven't created a user account yet, please click on "Sign Up" (If you've already created a user account, then simply login).

2.  The next page will prompt you to choose the applications that you're integrating.  Please click on ALL of the apps that you are looking to integrate together.  For example, if you're trying to integrate GoToWebinar and Dynamics CRM, click all of those applications.  You can integrate as many systems as you want here, but you must click a minimum of 2 applications.  Click "NEXT" once you've chosen your applications:

3.  The next screen will ask you to choose which system will be your "system of record" -- this means that if there is a data conflict on a record that is in more than one system, we need you to tell us which system should take precedence and overwrite the other(s).  For example, if you have a record "test@lead.com" in all 3 systems that you're integrating, and you then change that record's phone number in one system, it will only overwrite the phone in the other systems if it's the "system of record".  If you need some help or advice with this,  please let us know!  In most cases, your CRM should be the database of record.  Click "NEXT" once you've chosen your system (You can change this later if necessary!)

4.  The next screen will ask you to Authenticate your applications.  This gives us the ability to pull and push data to and from your systems on your behalf, using the APIs of these systems that you're integrating.  Simply click on "Connect" on all of the systems and enter in the appropriate information for each system.  In some cases, you'll be asked for information that you don't have.  In these cases, please read the instructions on the authenticate pages to see how to access the necessary information:

Clicking on "Connect" for each system will bring you to that system's authentication page:

5.  Once you authenticate all of your apps, you can start your integration.  To do so, click on the "Start" button on the integrations settings page.  This will bring you to the subscribe screen where you can pick your Bedrock pricing plan.  For more information on our pricing,  please see our pricing page.

Please select the pricing option you'd like, and then complete the subscription form on the following page.  You'll then need to enter your information, including a credit card, to subscribe to Bedrock.  The payment terms of your integration app will be listed on the subscription form page there.  All Bedrock integrations come with a free 15 day trial.  This means that we will not charge your card for 15 days once you start your subscription and you can cancel at anytime with no restrictions or penalties.

Once this is complete, return to the "Settings" screen and click "Start" to start your integration!

There are some other resources that will help you get the data-driven integration that you're looking for, including:

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