v1 Only - How to Use HubSpot Inclusion Lists

One of the most powerful features of the Bedrock integration app platform, as it pertains to HubSpot integrations, is the ability to limit the records that sync to your CRM (or other systems) to a specific List (both static lists and smart lists are supported) that you create and define within HubSpot's native Lists application.

Smart Lists can be created from an unlimited number of custom criteria so with this feature you can effectively segment your HubSpot marketing database off of anything you want.  You can then setup your inclusion list in Bedrock and  we will only pull records from this list out of HubSpot and sync them to the systems you're integrated with.  Here's how to setup a Bedrock Inclusion List:

You first need to setup your list(s) in HubSpot, to do this, see this nice help article  here.  Once your list(s) are setup, proceed by the following steps in Bedrock:

Login to Bedrock and click on "Integrations" in the main navigation.  On the  next page, click on the Settings button for the integration you'd like to update:

On the Settings page, choose "HubSpot Inclusion Lists" under the "HubSpot Settings" header from the left-hand settings menu.  On the inclusion list setting screen click the  "Add an Inclusion List" button, choose your list and then click "Add List"

Once you've added your list, you'll see it on the screen, along with the type of list it is and the option to remove it.  Once this is done, assuming you've started your integration app, we will only pull contacts that are in this list.  You can setup more than one list also, with no limit.

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