v1 Only - Standard Bedrock Integration Settings

There are a number of different settings in Bedrock that will help your tune your integration app to fit your needs.  These optional settings are available for you by clicking on the "Settings" button on your Bedrock Apps page ( https://app.bedrockdata.com/apps). All of your settings are available in the vertical navigation on the left hand side of the Settings page.

Here is an explanation on how some of these settings work:


This setting is required to activate any Bedrock integration.  If you see any green "Connect" button here, it means that you have not authenticated with that system, and you must in order for us to start pulling data from that system.  You can also update your credentials that you've already entered for a particular system by clicking on the "Update" button.  These links will take you to individual system authentication pages for your convenience.

Field Mappings

Field mappings allow you to set the particular fields that you want Bedrock to sync as a part of your integration.   There is a good article on Field Mapping here, for your reference.

Integration Sync Timing

By default, every Bedrock integration "wakes up" and runs at a rate of every 5 minutes.  This setting let's you change this to a long period time, as necessary.  For instance, certain systems provide very low API limits, depending on your product tier level.  If you're running into these API limits, you can use this setting to avoid hitting these limits.

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