What Salesforce CRM Data Can Be Synced?

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What Objects and Actions Are Supported?

Object Bedrock Object Name Permissions Custom Field Support Relationships* Required Fields**
User Owner Read Yes ---
Contact Contact Read / Update  Yes User
Lead Contact Read / Update / Create Yes User
Account Company Read / Update  Yes Contact
Opportunity Opportunity Read / Update  Yes Account
Task Activity Read / Update / Create Yes Lead
Cases Tickets Read / Update / Create Yes Contact

* Relationships can be used to map fields from related Objects.  Learn more about how to map fields from related Objects.

* Where a 1-to-Many relationship exists between related objects, we do not recommend mapping fields.  Learn more here.

** Required fields must be mapped in Bedrock in order for records to sync as expected.  Learn more about how to best manage required fields here.

Important Functionality Notes

Object Important Notes
  • Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher is required. We do not support the Professional edition at this time.
Person Accounts
Custom Objects
  • If you have Custom Objects that you want to incorporate in your Bedrock integration, you must install the Force.com Connector. Learn more about Force.com here
  • Salesforce activities will only map if the Reminder Date is used as this is used to deduplicate with the other systems "Occurred At" field
  • The Priority field is required and when creating a new Task in Salesforce, use a default value of Normal in Bedrock to ensure that new Tasks are created. 
  • Closed Activites can not be updated by the integration
  • Only Open Activities can sync out to another system 
  • We can sync Tasks to the Lead and Account but not to the Contact
    • You want the system where the Activity data is coming from to be placed at the top of the Relationship. For example, if Marketo's Interesting Moments are going to be populating Tasks on your Salesforce Leads, you want the Relationship setup as such: 

Now that you know what type of data you can sync, time to start mapping your fields.  Click here to learn how to get started on mapping your data.

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