ConnectWise Connector Settings

To connect ConnectWise to your Bedrock Data account, you will need the following information: 

  • Your ConnectWise Site name
  • Version of ConnectWise - This is a text field so make sure you enter in one of the following options depending on what version you are on: 
    • v4_6_release
    • v2016_2
    • v2015_6
    • v2015_4
  • Your ConnectWise Company name
  • Your username & password 

In order to get started, you'll want to use the desktop ConnectWise client to grab the above information and to create an Integrator Login (user) and to provision API access.  

As you login, make note of the Site (minus https://) and the Company from the desktop login screen:

Once logged in you'll need to create an Integrator Login and provision API access.  To do this:

1.  Select "Setup Tables" under the "System" option in the left-hand navigation

2.  Enter "int" in the "Table" filter on the "Setup Tables" screen and click "Search"

3.  Click on the "Integrator Login" table that is displayed in the search results.

4.  Click the new document icon next to the "Search" button on the "Integrator Login List" screen

On the "Integrator Login" screen:

5.  Enter a unique Username (this is the Username you will need to enter into Bedrock Data)

6.  Enter a secure Password (this is the Password you will need to enter into Bedrock Data)

7.  Set "Access Level" to "All records"

8.  In the "Enable Available API(s)" table, check the boxes next to "Contact API", “Activity API", "Company API", "Opportunity API", "Ticket API" and "Member API"

9.  Click the save icon at the top of the "Integrator Login" screen to save your new login

Once you have completed the above steps simply enter the information into the corresponding fields on the Connector Settings screen and click "Save"

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