Mapping Related Object Fields Through Contacts

Introduction To Mapping Related Objects

For some system combinations, it may not be possible to map objects directly with each other. While you may not be able to map these objects directly, it is possible to map data from related objects such as Companies and Opportunity type objects through other objects such as Contacts. 

How To

In your Contact Mapping, wherever there is an arrow (>) next to the contact (contact>opportunity), this shows that it is possible to grab or push data through to this object. Through the contact, Bedrock is going to talk to the related object, that the contact is tied to, and get the information under that object. 

The related object mapping type can be found under the OBJECT as seen above. 

Important Functionality Notes

For the most part, all of these fields are considered Read-Only fields. What this means is you can't write any information over to these fields from other systems but you can grab data and then place it over on the other systems Contact object. There are a few cases where Bedrock Data is able to write data into the related object fields, but only where the fields are related to a parent object that and that parent must get created when creating a new contact. If this is the case, there will be a help article outlining this scenario within the specific Connector help documentation section. Find your Connector's specific help documentation here

Read here for more information on field mappings. 

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